Critter Control



Ants can appear to be either brown, black, or red when first seen in your home. We will come  in to  inspect what type of ant you are dealing with and what will be used as we will treat each room  infested with the ants. To look at more about ants, you can look at information here from Cornell  University.  

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are nothing to panic about. We walk you through the process of how to prep  each room of your house than needs treatment, explain how we will treat your rooms, and come back  for routine visits to ensure that your home becomes bed bug free. We also offer the option to  purchase  mattress covers to help prevent bed bugs from coming again. If you wish to learn more about bed bugs, the NY state department offers information found at their website here

Bees / Yellow Jackets / Wasps

We control any sort of flying insect that you find to be infesting your  home.  We will identify the exact pest you have, answers any questions or worries you may have, and  treat your problem. For information about bees, yellow jackets, or wasps, just click on the pest you  want to know more about.  


Fleas are known to make themselves at home where your pet sleeps, your couch, your bed,  and  can make you believe you may even have bed bugs if not seen right away. We will inspect your  home for  fleas, let you know how we will treat your home, and tell you what you can do to help stop  your problem.  It is possible to have fleas without having any pets and we will help determine what might  have caused the fleas to enter your home. For more information, look at a fact sheet here


Mosquitoes are normally around during the summer but it's possible to find a mosquito in  your home during the cooler months. If you believe you are being bit by mosquitoes, we will inspect your  home and tell you what must be done to stop getting nasty bites. For more extensive information on mosquitoes look here.  


Roaches can enter your home or business through tiny cracks that would otherwise go  unnoticed by you. Mostly likely these vermin will be entering through cracks near kitchens or other  food sources. Be sure to keep all your food covered and secure so that roaches cannot contaminant it. We will determine where the roaches are coming from and treat each area properly. If you want to learn more about roaches look here.    



 We will visit your home or business and look at your pigeon problem. We find the problem,  set up bird barriers and disinfect the area. Treatment for pigeons will be determined based on the  location in your home or business that needs to be taken care of. More information about pigeons can be  located here.   


We treat homes and businesses for a variety of rodents including mice, rats, squirrels, and possums. Depending on the type of rodent you have, and how many you have, we will set up certain  traps for the rodents and treat the area to stop more rodents from coming in. If you wish for more  information about rats and mice, click on our pages dedicated to them on the left. 


Raccoons have recently been invading a number of NYC homes. They are normally bigger than other rodents that may enter your home. Raccoons can be frightening to deal with, so please give us a call if you think you have them and we can discuss how we will trap them in your home. 

Water Bugs

 Water bugs are often looked at to be giant roaches, due to the fact that they technically  are cockroaches. Water bugs will be larger than the average roach and be black instead of brown. We  will treat your home or business much like we would for roaches, and be sure to keep your food secure  so  pests cannot get near it.  

Mouse Control

Okay, mice can be disgusting and can scare the ghost out of us when we’re caught unaware. For all the science stuff and some good tips on Mice click on this link from Cornell University: 

Traps can be icky when you find a mouse or Rat caught on one; we have an assortment available to quickly catch your nasty unwanted visitor.

If you want to look at house mice can get into your home, look at this video here.

What to expect when you are serviced by Alleycat exterminating 

The first step is to ask you some questions about your infestation, and then we perform an inspection to find where the rodents are living and where they came from. When requested we seal up holes using only copper mesh. Rodents are mammals and are repulsed by copper on the taste buds just like us. Some cracks and holes are sealed with caulking.

All these items can be purchased online or hardware store and used yourself DYI style. We can help you get started. Check out our Contact Us section on the home page and give us a call!

Rat Control

Yikes! Let's Talk About Rats Ok, first things first, for a bunch of great tips and facts, click on this link from the NYCDOH:   

Now, what can you expect when you are service for rats by Alleycat Exterminating. First step is to listen to you and ask detailed questions about your infestation. We then perform an inspection that may involve moving your appliances as well as removing some ceiling tiles, in order to find out where the Rats are living and how they came in.  

We then set traps for a faster knock down, Toxic bait is also placed where pets and children can not get to it. For labels about the products we use, send us an email and we'll gladly send them to you.  

We also provide Rat exclusion to keep Rats from reentering. We fill holes using copper mesh, rodents are repulsed by copper when it hits their taste buds, just like us. We then seal the holes with caulking, cement or plaster. Some holes require a metal plate to be affixed in order to seal.  These items can be purchased online or at any hardware store if your budget wont allow for you to hire us to do it. For any other questions, just contact us and we'll be pleased to help!